Glass suppliers in North Carolina provide more than just materials
Since our studio opened in 2007 we have taught hundreds of interesting, creative people how to work with glass.  While Locally Grown Art does supply a few select materials, we refer our students to two local businesses right here in North Carolina.  Generations Glass is based in Kenley and offers great prices on a variety of materials.  The owner, Kristian Turley is also a Glass Blower with a vast amount of knowledge who can offer creative insight on your projects.  I met Kristian years ago when I was apprenticing in Durham at CGSA.  He has contributed greatly to the lampworking community especially with the pubic e-z board.  This board was a forum where fellow glass artists could exchange ideas and techniques openly.  The board changed its format and broadened its focus a few years ago and is now known as The GLDG.  If you are in the western part of the state, check out Mountain Glass Arts.  This business has proven itself through their dedication to promoting environmentally responsible practices.  They not only provide competitive pricing and excellent customer service, they have now switched to 100% Green Power.  Their use of renewable energy will keep over 20,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere annually not to mention the mercury and sulphur dioxide also being kept from our precious air.   Congratulations to both of these companies for offering so much to our art community.  If you are a glass artist in North Carolina, or taking glassblowing classes, I strongly encourage you to support these distributors.

Learn crucial graphic design elements

Basic graphic design tools are crucial to promoting yourself as an artist. When Jeremy Magid and I designed the locally grown art website, I learned a lot from him about making creative ideas functional and how to integrate design with accessibility. There is a great video of exactly this on his Creative Suite Spot. You can see HERE how having a site that is easily updated yet graphically striking can keep your website interesting.